Bonus: The Meta ‘n Tonic – A 200 Year Old Cocktail

How an iconic cocktail came to be

This is a short bonus episode covering the Meta ‘n Tonic that was the episode two Meta Hour cocktail. As we didn’t spend much time on the Meta ‘n Tonic (aka Gin and Tonic) and because it has such an interesting history, we’re dedicating a short episode to Gin and the origins of the Gin and Tonic, a cocktail which spans a 200 year history. No news from the Metaverse today, only a deep dive into one of my favorite year round drinks.

:: Meta n’ Tonic ::

– 2oz freezer temp Gin
– 4oz chilled tonic water
– One wedge of lime
– Ice

Pour gin into chilled highball or cut crystal glass. Slowly add the tonic water making sure not to agitate the carbonation too much. Squeeze lime and add to glass. Then finish with adding the ice slowly, again making sure not to cause the tonic to fizz.

:: Gins from most juniper to least ::

Bombay Sapphire

:: Tonics ::

Fever Tree

:: Music ::

Take It by Electronic Senses