Metaverse Happy Hour

How to enjoy Happy Hour in the Metaverse

Meta Hour in Decentraland

At Meta Hour we know how to host a happy hour in the real world, the Metaverse and anywhere in between.

Whether you are working from home and need some mid-week after work downtime or three hours into exploring the digital world, Meta Hour is there for you anytime you need it.

Meta Hour isn’t just about cocktails but about a mindset that every hour is good one because in the Metaverse we’re all one short step away from each other. So grab your avatar, or your office buddy, and follow these tips on how to have a successful meta hour happy hour.

Choose a day and time

It might seem like an obvious first step, but everyone, working, out of work, in the metaverse, on the beach, everyone is overwhlemed with timelines and deadlines. Nothing is the same anymore since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. If you don’t set a date and time in the books, no one is going to remember, you probably won’t even remember.

Choose a location

Location, location, location. It doesn’t just apply to your plot of land in the Sandbox or Decentraland, but it also applies to where you’re going to meet and whether or not anyone is going to join you. If you have virtual land, that is the fist obvious place to set the location – and if you want others to join, bring your laptop to a physical bar, park, or rooftop to bridge the Metaverse and realverse worlds.

Now that Spring is here, we like to pick a spot that has outdoor access. That can be the patio of a bar or the roof top of your office building if you’re going to host the drinks yourself. Then try and find a publicly accessible spot in a Metaverse to allow others to join virtually. A few liquor brands have purchased land and built bars and meeting areas in the Decentraland. During non-event times they might allow you to host your Meta Hours there if you reach out to them.

Featured drink

a gin and tonic

Cocktail or not, having one featured drink really brings a theme to the happy hour. While it can seem daunting to come up with a cocktail every week (or month, or however often you have your Meta Hour) it can also make things easier for new comers to feel included if they can just say “I’ll have whatever you’re pouring”.

Check out our growing list of Meta Hour cocktails to get an inspiration. Under 21 and hosting a Meta Hour? Fresh mixed juices or classic DIY seltzers also make for a fun central theme (nonalcoholic recipes coming soon).

Food or not?

Honestly, if you start serving food you’re getting into event planning and out of Meta Hour happy hour realm. If anything bowls of nuts or chips can suffice to give something people to snack on, but don’t feel pressured to include food. The one benefit of meeting at a IRL location is they might have a kitchen and wait staff. Otherwise skip trying to cater your Meta Hour

Close Friends or Open Invite?

I think most of us will start with solo Meta Hours, or trying to rally the co-works afterwork, especially if we’re doing it in real life. Though if you want to grow your Meta Hour and include outsiders, it can work very well if you work in a shared work environment and want to meet your office neighbors. You’d be surprised how many people would appreciate getting the opportunity to learn about the Metaverse through a social and inclusive event. If you plan to host the Meta Hour yourself, considering adding a cash donation box to help cover your expenses.

NFTs and Giveaways

Here is the next level suggestions. If you want to really up your Meta Hour, create a series of NFTs that you can give away for fun. If you give them away (due diligence to research best and cost effective ways to do so **cough **cough gas fees), then A) no one feels intimidated at trying to get one, and B) no one feels like you’re trying to swindle them.

Have Fun!

The most important thing is to have fun! Even if you just want to celebrate Meta Hour on your own for 30 mins once a week. You’ll be surprised at how a small break and a bit of freedom can help clear your mind and introduce a little levity into what has been a long long few years.