Branding and Advertising in the Metaverse

Starting to look at branding across metaverse platforms

This week we start off with some news headlines. We then jump straight into looking at what opportunities exist and might exist in the future for brand marketing and advertising. Later, I redefine again the difference between THE Metaverse and a meteverse platform. We conclude with our Meta Hour cocktail.

This week’s Meta Hour cocktail is the Irish Meta Coffee. A warm and inviting winter drink enjoyable morning, noon, or night!

:: Links ::

Meta’s Horizon Worlds Beta

NFT Plazas

A live view of a Decentraland virtual billboard from NFT Plazas

:: Irish Meta Coffee ::

– 4 oz good quality comfort coffee

– 2 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

– 1 tbsp brown sugar

– Heavy whipping cream

– Brandy

Prep your mug or Irish Coffee glass by warming it with hot water.

In a separate glass mix the sugar and the whiskey together with a whisk. Making sure the sugar 100% dissolved, simply keep mixing.

Add a splash of brandy to whipping cream in a bowl. Using an electic mixer beat until the cream is very thick but still slightly runny. The key is to not create stiff peaks.

Brew your coffee and pour into mug. Add whiskey. Top with Brandy cream.


:: Music ::

Take It by Electronic Senses