Entertainment Beyond Gaming

Gaming will be big, but what else can make it

Today we have a short episode and start to theorize on how traditional entertainment can be consumed in the Metaverse. Currently a lot of energy is being put into the gaming aspects, but as people spend more time vested accessing the Metaverse they’ll be a need to provide passive entertainment much like we have with film and TV currently.

We start with the news from this week and end with our Meta Hour cocktail, the Metanog – a booze heavy eggnog on fire!

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Odeon Theatrical

:: Metanog ::

To start you’ll need a prepared or your own Eggnog – I like this recipe from Alton Brown

– 2 oz of cold prepared eggnog
– 1.5 oz of brandy, plus extra for prep
– ¼ oz of cream sherry
– 1 star anise (to be soaked in brandy)
– Ground nutmeg.
– Matches

Start by saturating your star anise in brandy while yo prepare the drink.

Combine the eggnog, the brandy, and the sherry and lightly stir. Pour into a martini glass or coup glass. Using a spoon pour a small amount of brandy in the center of the glass. Sprinkle some ground nutmeg on top and place your star anise on the floated brandy. Then carefully light the star anise on fire.

Serve and wait for the brandy to burn off.

The Flaming Metanog

:: Music ::

Take It by Electronic Senses https://soundcloud.com/electronicsenses