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2022 Mid Year Check-in and Five Trillion Dollars in Value

Welcome Back We check in on the progress of our 2022 predictions. How much have we advanced and what is still left to go? The fundamentals of the Metaverse are being bolstered through big businesses investments in departments dedicated to the understanding and development of Metaverse technology. McKinsey predicts $5 trillion in value by 2030. … Read more

Meta Hour in Decentraland

Metaverse Happy Hour

How to enjoy Happy Hour in the Metaverse At Meta Hour we know how to host a happy hour in the real world, the Metaverse and anywhere in between. Whether you are working from home and need some mid-week after work downtime or three hours into exploring the digital world, Meta Hour is there for … Read more

The Metatini

Our quintessential Meta Hour cocktail. The Metatini is a crisp fresh gin based cocktail that is served with an onion as well as olives and is touched by a rinse of dry Vermouth. This is the drink that started it all. Coming soon as our featured podcast cocktail, we’re kicking off the drinks with the … Read more

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Welcome to 2022 – Meta is tracking your smile.

Biometrics and a New Year Welcome to 2022. With the new year brings a flurry of Metaverse news, some useful some not. Let’s get started in 2022 and see how it will end up at the years end. Things are going to change a lot in the next year – including how we define the … Read more

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2022 Metaverse Predictions and Trends

Our Top Ten for 2022 On this last day of 2021, we look at some of the top ten trends and predictions for the Metaverse in 2022. While we won’t have a true Metaverse in 2022, we will see a lot of new technology releases, entertainment roll outs, cheaper hardware options, and more. I’ll be … Read more

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Entertainment Beyond Gaming

Gaming will be big, but what else can make it Today we have a short episode and start to theorize on how traditional entertainment can be consumed in the Metaverse. Currently a lot of energy is being put into the gaming aspects, but as people spend more time vested accessing the Metaverse they’ll be a … Read more

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Branding and Advertising in the Metaverse

Starting to look at branding across metaverse platforms This week we start off with some news headlines. We then jump straight into looking at what opportunities exist and might exist in the future for brand marketing and advertising. Later, I redefine again the difference between THE Metaverse and a meteverse platform. We conclude with our … Read more

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Land Deals and The Sandbox Launch

Millions dropped on virtual land This week there was some big news from the Metaverse. We look at the alpha launch of The Sandbox, which is a four-year in the making Metaverse that is geared towards building gaming worlds and land development for brands. There were also two big virtual land buys, one last week … Read more

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Bonus: The Meta ‘n Tonic – A 200 Year Old Cocktail

How an iconic cocktail came to be This is a short bonus episode covering the Meta ‘n Tonic that was the episode two Meta Hour cocktail. As we didn’t spend much time on the Meta ‘n Tonic (aka Gin and Tonic) and because it has such an interesting history, we’re dedicating a short episode to … Read more

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A Virtual or Augmented Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse and how will it start? Central-or-decentralized? The idea of the Metaverse is still very undefined. Full virtual reality? Augmented reality? A new company gets 300M to build an AR version, will that disrupt Meta’s plans or is Meta’s Metaverse so undefined it puts them at a clear disadvantage? :: Links from … Read more